Other Publishing is a pan-asian queer family of artists and designers that work cooperatively as a creative firm and multi-format publisher.

Other Publishing abandons bliss for quality while abandoning Binary for bliss. We embrace the individual quality of each of our own works and the works of those we collaborate with, they do not exist in the same form or image nor do they have to. We see ourselves as facilitators to pressuring existing conditions to shift and change: Embracing the chimerica in our solidarity.

Pushing one another to question commonality / purpose. We pay tribute to the higher principles of narrative alchemy: we believe in taking agency of our visual mythologies: To not martyr for the sake of martyrdom. To acknowledge our labor. To use labor as a weapon. To act as a forge for those who desire to be armed. To never have or be an answer but a resource and a question.

To subvert and survive and keep ourselves accountable around mechanisms within capitalism, the brutality of white supremacy / anti-blackness / colorism and to stay critical of ourselves our intentions our executions and the systems we work around and within.

To work with clarity with our energy and visions: marshaling chaos for utopia

To stay optimistic. To transmute cooperative labor within marginalized labor and uplift: Joining productive forces, as revolutionary materialism.

To never work towards timeless but the destruction of linear time and work that must exist within binaries. To burn down the “fundamental.” Recognizing no taboos we wish to be drops in an ocean of a limitless world. To be law, to destroy law . To be and be accountable for the function of our queer family that we have formed. To elevate bodies without structure, to elevate transitioning bodies in a continual drift. To reclaim the exploitation and vulgarity used against us.

To work towards new modes of embodiment and identification: objects as divine and holy.

Portrait image of the members of Other Publishing standing against a window. From left to right: Mai-Phuong Bui, Rin Kim, Nix Ni, Yi Song